The computer screen
, considered a bad partner, when it comes to reading lenghty texts, is all the better suited as a space to project the advanced pictorial language of comics.

The internet is providing direct and affordable means of distribution and thus helps even daring and less commercial comics projects to become available worldwide.

Via voluntary donations, readers are in a position to honour the artist’s work. The mode of voluntary payments can be maintained longterm, if enough readers are willing to act fair and pay according to the comparatively modest price suggestions (ca. 1,50 Euro an e-book).

Aestheticaly, an electrocomic doesn’t have to stand behind the printed book.
The hypnotically luminous computer screen makes up for the lacking haptic qualities of traditional paper product.
As in flipping through a book, the turning of the pages in an e-book adapts to the rhythm of the individual reader. But at the same time, it is quite different: A drawing can change slightly with every turn of the page, it can be added to, or reduced, thus feeling almost like an animation which can be controlled by the viewer in its flow.

was founded by Ulli Lust - with the ideological help of Kai Pfeiffer and Eric Wunder - in June 2005.

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Go, look: Moresukine.
Every week, German cartoonist Dirk Schwieger uploads a strip explaining an aspect of Tokyo (pop) culture. There are currently 17 of them, and the most recent one deals with slang.
It's great stuff.

Marc-Oliver, 2006

(about "Airpussy") Tout simplement magnifique.
Zorg, 2006

(...) C'est superbe cette bande dessinée! Je suis allez par la suite sur le site de Ulli Lust, dire que je ne connaissais pas ce travail parfois vraiment brillant, c'est une très belle découverte.
Docteur C, 2006

(...) Prachtige Berlijnse e-comics, zoals Air Pussy van Ulli Lust en People Not Seen van Dirk Schwieger, zijn gratis te downloaden in het Duits en Engels., 2006

and so on ...