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Go! Keep going!
von Ulli Lust

The reader of this comic strip becomes a flaneur, overhearing conversations of people in Berlin going about there everyday preoccupations. Each and everyone of them is the leading actor of his own life and presumably is hoping for a happy ending. Well, we all like to be happy. A happy ending, on the other hand, is a dramatic construct which tells nothing about an, all in all, relatively happy life, but only about one happy moment, arbitrarily declared to be the rim for this particular plate.
This comic was originally created for the anthology SPRING #7: "Happy Ending", where it can be read in its print version.


Ulli Lust
born 1967 in Vienna, lives in Berlin since 1995. She was drawing comicreports about daily life in berlin ("Fashionvictims, Trendverächter" published 2008 at avant-verlag/Berlin), historic comics or the erotic comicbookseries "springpoems", like "Airpussy" (employé du moi/Brussels 2009) or the prize winning graphic novel "Heute ist der letzte Tag vom Rest deines Lebens" (avant-verlag/Berlin, 2009). It will be released in autumn 2010 in Italy (rizzoli) and France (Editions çà et là.

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