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Seeing Odessa
Björn Dermann

The young people in Oдca look at this new world of consumption as reverently as their mothers looked at Lenin - even more reverently because their mothers had to look at him, whereas they don't have to, not really. You look beyond, you do what you want to do, but definitely more wishing for anarchy than anywhere else. It seems as if the city is on its way to develop a unique post-communist self-confidence.

This comic report is based on local researches during a three days trip in the city in may 2011


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Björn Dermann
Born 1988 in Stuttgart, Germany. Currently he studies fine arts at the Academy for Arts in Stuttgart.
other projects are "Der Ökodiktator" - a political comic series about the gouverment in Stuttgart, in colaboration with the journalist Peter Unfried (taz).