Tyl's watch
Lucie Lomová

It was in the late afternoon, when Professor Rezal met his old colleague again, - an amazing meet, because Josef Kajetán Tyl, the famous Czech author, was lying dead in his grave for years on the cemetery, which the Professor just crossed with his little grandson. Tyl told him where to find a treasure. Following the instructions of J.K. Tyl's ghost, Prof. Rezal dug up a treasure in Kutna Hora, which is to support the development of Czech theatre. And so the J.K. Tyl award will be bestowed upon the year's best production. Theatre critics are gathering at the critics' headquarters ...

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Lucie Lomová : Born 1964 in Prague, she studied dramaturgy at Theatre faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, worked one year as a dramaturg, then she returned to Prague and after a short period of being journalist she occupies herself mostly by drawing and writing.
For ten years she wrote and drew comics series for children about two small mice Anca and Pepik in a well–known magazine Ctyrlistek (1990 – 2000), which were later collected in three books.
She created lots of cartoons, drawings, comics and illustrations in journals,
she ilustrated books and textbooks for children. In 2006 she published in France her first graphic novel for adults, Anna en cavale, Éditions de l´An 2,
which was later published also in Czech and Polish version. Now Lucie Lomova mainly writes and draws comics for adults. Her last published book is The Savages (Les Sauvages, 2011, Éditions de l´An 2/Actes sud), a story based on real historical facts about an Indian from South America, who was brought to Europe at the beginning of the 20-th century.
Tyl's watch was first published in Czech theatre magazine Svet a divadlo, then in Stripburger and in Black No. 10 (Coconino press).
Blog: http://lucielomova.blogspot.com/

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